Whether this is your first time visiting Ski Cloudcroft, or something else you’ve wondered about, this is where you can find answers to the many of our most commonly asked questions.


When do you guys open?

With the addition of our new snowmaking system which covers our beginner slope and tubing hill, we aim to get open those areas by the first of December. We are open 7 days a week over the Christmas Holidays and Spring Break, and Saturday-Sunday the rest of the season.


When do you guys usually close?

With as far South as we are, and Mother Nature being unpredictable at best, we aim to keep our beginner slope and tubing hill open through Spring Break in March. The upper mountain depends on natural snowfall, so THINK SNOW!


I’ve never skied before, what do you recommend for a good first time experience?

We offer a beginner ski package for $72 which includes a 2 hour group lesson, rentals, and a lift ticket. It is one of the cheapest packages in the country, and a great introduction to the winter sport. Our group lessons are offered daily at 10 AM and 1 PM. Most of our new skiers will advance after their lesson to the upper mountain, and can enjoy one of the two main beginner trails from the top of the mountain.


Do you have lodging on site?

We do not have any lodging on site, but the village of Cloudcroft is located 2 miles west of us on US Highway 82. Cloudcroft offers many different cabins and hotels to enjoy your ski vacation. Alamogordo is located 19 miles away and offers all the major chain hotels as well.


We aren’t going tubing or skiing, but have some sleds, can we use them here?

Our upper mountain slopes and beginner slope is designed and maintained exclusively for skiing and snowboarding. Our tubing hill is constructed for the use of our special tubes that have a liner, handles and leash. We do not have any areas designed for sleds, saucers, or other tubes. The National Forest is a great option for those wishing to use those, and have a general snowplay area.


Do I have to have a lift ticket?

In order to gain access to our slopes, we require a lift ticket. Our lift tickets are non-transferable, and grant you access to the areas we maintain through snowmaking and the snow cat.


Is our skiing lift ticket good for tubing as well?

Tubing is sold as a separate activity, in a separate designated area.


Can I be on the beginner slope with my kid? I’m not going to rent skis, but i’m just going to walk along with the and teach them. 

In order to gain access to our slopes, we require a lift ticket. Our lift tickets are non-transferable, and grant you access to the areas we maintain through snowmaking and the snow cat.


Am I allowed to bring my dog with me?

While we are friends of our furry four legged counterparts, we prefer you to leave them at home. If you must bring your pet, they are limited to the parking lot area and must remain on a leash. In order to keep your pet, and our customers safe, we do not allow them on any of the slopes at any time.


We aren’t skiing, but can I ride the lift up to look around?

Our lift is only designed for uphill traffic, and does not support downhill traffic.


Do you have a multi-day lift ticket?

At this time, we do not offer a multi-day lift ticket. We are proud to offer one of the cheapest lift tickets in the nation, at the Southern-Most ski resort in New Mexico.


The lifts start at 9, but can I come earlier?

Sure!! The ticket window, and rental shop are open at 8:30 each morning for those avid snow sport enthusiasts wanting to be the first in line.


Do I need to make a reservation for ski school?

No reservations are necessary. Our beginner group lesson goes out twice a day at 10AM and 1PM. Private lessons are available at anytime.


We love it here, do you sell a season pass?

At this time we do not offer a season pass. With as far South as we are, Mother Nature is a bit unpredictable at best. Some winters are MUCH shorter than others, and would not give our avid winter sport enthusiasts a chance to maximize their purchase. We offer one of the cheapest lift tickets in the nation, and regularly offer programs with discounted lift tickets during the week.


Do you offer night skiing?

At this time, we no longer do night skiing.


Do you offer cross country skiing or snow shoeing?

We currently only offer skiing, snowboarding, and tubing. The National Forest has many great trails for snow shoeing and cross country skiing.


Where is the restaurant?

The restaurant is located on the upper level of the chalet. There is a set of stairs on each end of the building that will take you there. There is also a large viewing deck to watch all the action and soak up some sun of the 289 days of sunshine Cloudcroft offers.


Do you have a bar?

We do not have a bar. The Western Bar and The Lodge are both located in Cloudcroft, 2 miles West of us on Highway 82.


Where are the bathrooms? 

The bathrooms are located on the lower level of the Chalet near the ticket window.