Ski School

Cloud Nine Ski School

If you don’t know how to ski or snowboard, no problem.

All you need is some quick professional instruction and you’ll see how easy it is. If it was that difficult, you wouldn’t see so many people laughing and having so much fun!

Group Ski Lessons

Group ski lessons unavailable for 2020-2021 season due to Covid restrictions of not having gatherings larger than 5 people and no mixed parties.

Call (575) 682-2333 for schedule.

Private Ski Lessons

If you prefer some one on one instruction, Ski Cloudcroft offers private lessons for $70 an hour. Private lessons are open to all ages. Bring an additional guest for $40.

Call (575) 682-2333 to find out more.

Private Snowboarding Lessons

For those of you interested in learning how to snowboard, Ski Cloudcroft offers private, one-on-one snowboarding lessons for just $70 an hour. Bring an additional guest for $40 an hour.

Call (575) 682-2333 to schedule your lesson.