Summer Tubing

460 feet of thrill for anyone 42″ or taller and able to ride in their own tube. Sold in packages of 1 or 3 rides, 1 hour or ALL DAY.

1 Ride $5

3 Rides $15

1 Hour $20




Once you purchase your tickets at the ticket window, you’ll walk through the parking lot to the entrance of the tubing hill. An attendant will meet you to help you find a tube, check your wristband or single ride ticket and give you the rules. The conveyor will take you to the top of the hill. Another attendant will meet you at the top of the lanes to make sure you get properly seated, instruct you to cross your feet and hold onto the tube’s handles.



  1. One must be 42″ or taller to ride. We no not allow children to ride on a parent’s lap. This is a strict height requirement. No exceptions.
  2. All tubing participants must have a valid wristband or ride pass for single rides. No swapping wrist bands or tickets.
  3. Only one person per tube.
  4. Make sure the lane is clear prior to starting down.
  5. Exit the lane you ride, do not cross lanes, and do it as quickly as possible.
  6. No alcohol allowed, and no obviously impaired person is allowed to participate.
  7. One must know how to load and unload safely when using the conveyor lift. No walking or horseplay while on lift.
  8. Close toed shoes are required. No flip flops, crocs or sandals.
  9. All riders must stay within designated summer tubing areas.

Tubing may be hazardous. There are risks associated with this activity including, but not limited to, changing weather and surface conditions, speed and falling from the tube, slipping or falling while walking on the tube run area, collisions with other tubers as well as natural and man-made objects, taking drugs, and the lack of control of speed and direction. By purchasing a tubing pass, one assumes the risks and the risk of any injury related to this activity.



2 Lanes
460 Feet Long
70 Feet of Vertical Drop
One Unbelievable Ride!




Is there a weight limit?

There is not a weight limit for the Tubing Hill, but designed for anyone 42″ or taller.

Do we have to rent tubes or can we bring our own?

Our slope and lift are designed for our tubes which have a liner and handles on them. A regular tube is not compatible with our lanes.

I have a small child, is there an age restriction for the tubing? Can they ride in my lap?

There is no age restriction, but there is a size restriction. Riders must be a minimum of 42″ (inches) tall, and able to ride in their own tube. They must be able to get in and out of the tube on their own, and be able to exit the lane on their own once they reach the bottom. Parents can ride in their own tube and go down with them holding onto their tube.

Where can I watch?

There’s a spectator viewing area at the bottom of the tubing hill with bleachers that’s perfect for pictures and video. No spectators allowed within the designated tubing areas for your safety. We don’t want anyone getting run over by tubers.